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3D Printing

what a time to be alive.



3D Printing

what a time to be alive.

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If you sexualize every single movement of a woman then proceed to blame her for it, seek help.

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why do you people keep hiring me? none of this shit is any good.

— me, 35% of the time.

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i need to get myself some sort of calendar, i’m starting to miss deadlines (or at least come painfully close to doing so)

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Thank you for your email and sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was ill for a few days.
I had a look at your portfolio/sample images and I have to say I am interested in working with you.
The cover art would look like three men in black cloaks at nighttime - the front man would be offering a fruit (black apple), with a snake coiling around his arm and hovering right over the fruit (I have attached an example). There could be clouds, haze and a moon with dark trees in the back. I don’t want it to look cartoony, but sinister. A blend of these two images maybe? (that I have attached). What would be your quote and when can you begin, because it is rather urgent.

— how the fuck ami gonna do this

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well thats good i guess.

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I’d like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve.

— John Mayer

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1. They generally believe that their needs are urgent. This is true for even the smallest things … and often it appears as if their needs are endless.
2. They demonstrate a sense of entitlement. Nothing but the best will do for them, and they expect their requests to be prioritised.
3. They have…

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Kelli Samuelson

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I’ve never watched an episode of Game of Thrones in my life and even I know that you don’t fuck with the blonde dragon lady.

and that the kid with the crown is the human version of period cramps

and jon snow is ned stark’s bastard

that’s it

that’s the show

That’s the most accurate description of Joffrey i’ve ever read.

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